Tooth Whitening Sensitivity Prevention

Tooth Whitening Mouthwash

whiteningmouthwashI have found that Tooth Whitening mouthwashes can be an effective supplement to the over the counter at home tooth whitening products on the market, but that by themselves they are not the best at whitening your teeth simply because the liquid doesn’t stay in contact with the toot ‘s surface long enough to provide any deep down effect.  Typically, Mouthwash type products, aim to freshen breath and help maintain a whiter smile if you use them between other whitening treatments, and since you should be using a mouth wash or rinse anyways it can help your quest for whiter teeth.

The best time to use a whitening mouthwash is after daily brushing and flossing,  and in conjunction with your choice of tooth whitening product, whether it be an in-office Dentist applied or any number of over the counter kits that contain a Peroxide GEL.  The additional benefit of some whitening mouthwashes is that they include contain fluoride, which helps to fight decay. Other whitening mouth rinses aim to help brighten the teeth by containing a less concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution, making it safer to use on a daily basis, but again the limited time the peroxide is in contact with the tooth’s surface makes it difficult for this to work well at whitening all by itself . Some of these mouthwashes also contain anti-bacterial agents which help to fight gingivitis (gum disease). I would recommend using a tooth whitening mouthwash as a compliment to the tooth whitening process, and as a part of the daily oral hygiene routine.